CenterPoint nature & Recreation Areas

Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services developed CenterPoint Commerce & Trade Park with the goal of blending business with nature. Since starting construction in 2006, Mericle has planted thousands of trees in CenterPoint and has created several green spaces. Today, Mericle is completing plans to develop “The Preserve at CenterPoint” a large natural area complete with walking trails, streams, waterfalls, fishing areas, and a beaver dam. A small area within the Preserve is being set aside for the future construction of a day care center, recreation center, and park commons.

  • Mericle took advantage of CenterPoint’s topography when designing the park. The various “mesas” in CenterPoint provide tenants with great views of the surrounding areas and allow for the creative use of native landscaping and rock materials.
  • Covenants and restrictions are in place to control development and safeguard property values.
  • The start of construction in CenterPoint coincided with Mericle’s launch of its Green Building Program – a commitment to provide lower operating costs to tenants through the implementation of eco-friendly, energy-saving measures. By constructing tight building envelopes, installing energy-efficient T-bay lighting and HVAC systems, improving ventilation and indoor air quality, and by using native and adaptive landscaping and recycled/regional materials, Mericle is making a concerted effort to “go green.”
  • Mericle has USGBC LEED® accredited professionals on staff and has secured LEED Certification for industrial buildings it has developed for (615,000 square feet – LEED Silver Certification for Commercial Interiors), Kimberly Clark (744,080 square feet – LEED for New Construction Certification) and Benco Dental (272,800 square feet – LEED for Silver Certification for Commercial Interiors). The Kimberly Clark and Benco Dental facilities are located in CenterPoint.
  • CenterPoint is adjacent to more than 21,000 publicly accessible nature acres that are home to whitetail deer, black bear, ruffed grouse, squirrel, wild turkey, raccoon, coyote, and beaver.

Mericle’s master design plan for CenterPoint, our Green Building Program, the park’s tiered topography, and access to The Preserve at CenterPoint as well as thousands of forested acres, ensure that you will enjoy a green environment for the life of your tenancy in the park.


This rendering shows the start of a large network of walking trails within the Preserve at CenterPoint.


Mericle has outlined a 10-mile trail system throughout CenterPoint Commerce & Trade Park East that offers picturesque views, streams and abundant fauna for your enjoyment, relaxation and exercise.