Park Utilities

CenterPoint Commerce and Trade Park is served by very reliable utility systems. Water pressure is very strong and sewage capacity is more than ample for most major industrial operations.  Gas rates are very affordable due to the park’s close proximity to the Marcellus Shale natural gas formation. Telecom service is available from multiple providers, including Comcast, which has run extensive fiber service throughout the park.

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CenterPoint West natural gas service is provided by UGI Penn Natural Gas (UGI PNG). Natural Gas is supplied via a connection to an existing 12-inch diameter intermediate pressure main that runs along Butler Road, adjacent to the CenterPoint West property. A 6-inch diameter HDPE main has been installed along Enterprise Way and operates at intermediate pressure to service the park. UGI PNG also has an existing 8-inch diameter high pressure main along Oak Street and maintains a pressure regulator station adjacent to the Butler Road/Oak Street intersection. This provides UGI PNG with greater flexibility in providing a wider range of pressures and volumes to service customers within the park.

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CenterPoint West water service is provided by Pennsylvania American Water Company (PAWC). A 16-inch diameter ductile iron main has been extended to the CenterPoint West property from the existing water distribution system located nearby in CenterPoint East. Also, a 16-inch diameter ductile iron main has been installed along Enterprise Way to service the park. These facilities are capable of providing combined domestic/fire flow service of 2,750 gpm an approximate minimum residual pressure of 80 psi to 125 psi.

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Sanitary Sewer

CenterPoint West sanitary sewage treatment is provided by the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority (WVSA), which currently has an approved treatment capacity of 32 MGD and receives an average flow of 24 MGD at its treatment plant located in Hanover Township. The park’s conveyance system consists predominately of an 8-inch diameter SDR-35 gravity main and a limited section of 3-inch diameter lowpressure SDR-21 force main, both of which have been installed along Enterprise Way. The conveyance system discharges to an existing 8-inch diameter gravity main located near Oak Street. Current reserve capacity in the existing main is 330,000 gpd. However, a proposed off-site upgrade to a 1,400-foot section of the 8-inch line to a 10-inch line will increase capacity by approximately 600,000 gpd, if needed. The existing main near Oak Street eventually discharges to WVSA’s treatment facility located in Hanover Township.

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CenterPoint West electrical service is supplied by PPL Electric Utilities (PPL) via a newly constructed direct feeder from the Yatesville substation, located less than 2 miles away, making the power extremely reliable. PPL maintains existing 12 KV, 3-phase distribution lines adjacent to the CenterPoint West property. Overhead utility poles have been installed along Enterprise Way to service the park. PPL installed their facilities serving CenterPoint West to provide robust service to manufacturing and industrial users.

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CenterPoint West telecommunications service is provided by Verizon, Comcast, and Frontier Communications over copper and fiber optic cable via overhead utility poles along Enterprise Way and underground distribution to each building and site. Additional overhead copper facilities of other telecommunication service providers and fiber facilities owned by Verizon are readily available in close proximity to CenterPoint West.

Comcast Business has made one of its most significant infrastructure investments to bring its national, private fiber-optic network to every existing building at CenterPoint and to those parcels that are construction-ready under Mericle’s ReadyToGo!™ Program. That means companies can quickly access secure, scalable, high-performance dedicated internet, and point-to-point and multipoint connectivity – optimized for businesses with multiple locations. Comcast Business enterprise solutions deliver symmetrical bandwidth that scale from 50 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, enabling businesses of all sizes to choose from a comprehensive portfolio of services (data, voice, and video) as well as Ethernet services – all of which feature proactive network and service monitoring 24 x 7 x 365 from Comcast’s dedicated Network Operations Centers. In addition, Comcast can also provide back-up and disaster recovery services for redundancy needs and has a local support team located just minutes from CenterPoint.