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155 Stewart Road is just 5 minutes from I-81 via park roadways and S.R. 29.  Approximately 712,000 people live within 30 miles and more than 424,000 live within 20 miles.  

Travel Distances to Major Cities

Delaware Water Gap, PA
58mi / 93km
Allentown, PA 66mi / 106km
Morristown, NJ 97mi / 156km
Harrisburg, PA 105mi / 169km
Philadelphia, PA 119mi / 192km
Port Newark, NJ 126mi / 203km
New York, NY 129mi / 206km
Syracuse, NY 154mi / 248km
Baltimore, MD 182mi / 293km
Hartford, CT 213mi / 343km
Washington, DC 225mi / 362km
Pittsburgh, PA 260mi / 418km
Boston, MA 317mi / 510km

Population Density

I-81 Access