Park Utilities


Natural gas service to the park is provided by UGI Utilities Inc. A high-pressure main connects the Humboldt Industrial Park directly to the Transcontinental Pipeline. Normal service is provided through an eight-inch medium-pressure (50 PSI) distribution main.


CAN DO, Inc. supplies quality water throughout the park in 12 and 16-inch ductile iron mains at pressures and flow rates suitable for heavy industrial use. The source of water is a series of deep wells with a backup supply by the Hazleton City Water Authority. Fire protection is aided by four 1,000,000 gallon standpipes, which ride on the system.

Sanitary Sewer

Sanitary sewage service is provided by CAN DO, Inc. Twelve-inch gravity collection lines, as well as 10-inch laterals, allow industries easy access to the system. At the lowest end of the park, CAN DO, Inc. owns and operates the wastewater treatment plant, which is presently sized for 1,000,000 gallons per day. Sanitary sewage within Humboldt Industrial Park North is conveyed by CAN DO, Inc. through the same industrially sized system and treated by the Greater Hazleton Joint Sewer Authority.


Reliable electrical service is provided by PPL Utilities, a national leader in power generation and distribution. PPL can serve customers at the 12kV or 69kV voltage levels. There are three 12kV substations in the area.


Verizon and Frontier Communications Solutions provide state-of-the-art telecommunications systems with 100-percent digital switching and superior communications services, highlighted by an extensive fiber optic network. This system provides a telecommunications platform for voice, data, and video transmissions. The network supports SONET technology for ultra-reliable service to customers with critical requirements.