Park Utilities

East Mountain Corporate Center is served by very reliable utility systems.  The park rarely, if ever, has an unplanned power outage.  Water pressure is very strong and sewage capacity is more than ample for most major industrial operations.  Gas rates are very affordable due to the park’s close proximity to the Marcellus Shale natural gas formation.  Telecom service is available from multiple providers, including Comcast, which has run extensive fiber service throughout the park.

Natural Gas


UGI Penn Natural Gas provides gas service at pressures ranging from 30 PSI to 55 PSI. Gas mains in the park are 4” intermediate pressure.



The park’s water is supplied by Pennsylvania American Water Company’s (PAWC) Watres Reservoir and is treated at PAWC’s Watres Treatment Plant. A 500,000 gallon standpipe located in the park supplies both fire protection and domestic service to the park. A 12” main runs throughout the entire park and provides both domestic service and fire protection service to the lots at lower elevation. This 12” main also provides fire protection service to the lots at higher elevation, while a separate 6” main provides domestic service to the lots at higher elevation. The 6” main is fed from a booster pump station that is located near the standpipe. Pressures within the park range from 60 PSI to 95 PSI.


Sanitary Sewer

Conveyance is provided by the Plains Township Sewer Authority and treatment is provided by the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority (WVSA). All sanitary mains within the park are 8” or 10” diameter gravity sewers. The WVSA has an excess capacity of approximately 7 million gallons per day.


Service within the park is provided by PPL Electric Utilities through underground primary and secondary distribution facilities. PPL’s East Mountain substation is located immediately adjacent to the park.

The substation has two independently supplied 69/12.47KV, 10MVA, step-down transformers. Each transformer in turn supplies a nominal 12.47KV bus section, which is connected through a normally closed bus tie breaker. As a result, the loss of either 69KV transmission feed to the substation or either transformer will not result in any service interruptions.



Verizon, Level 3, Frontier Communications, Comcast, and Earthlink all serve the park. Services available include local, regional, and long distance telephone, Internet (high-speed and dedicated access), T-1 lines, T-3 lines, OC3 to OC196, ISDN, DSL, frame relays, and LAN/WAN services. Local points of presence for these firms are located in Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Pittston, and Clarks Summit.