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Reliable Utilities

Abundant. Reliable. Affordable.

Northeastern Pennsylvania is “Utility Strong.”

All of the utilities your business needs to be successful are readily available at very competitive rates.


PPL Electric Utilities and UGI Utilities have affordable rates and exceptionally reliable service. One example is CenterPoint Commerce & Trade Park East near Pittston, PA, which has not had an unplanned outage during the past 10 years. In a 2017 case study of manufacturing costs, New Jersey based business consultant The Boyd Group estimated that electricity costs in Northeastern Pennsylvania are approximately 29% lower than they are in New Jersey.


Your business won’t get thirsty in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  We have plenty of clean water that will be delivered to your building under very strong pressure. In fact, our pressure is so good that many businesses need to install pressure reducers to control the flow of water coming into their buildings.

Natural Gas

Thanks to the Marcellus Shale, natural gas rates in Northeastern Pennsylvania are low and are expected to remain low for a long time. In its 2017 case study, The Boyd Group also estimated that natural gas costs in Northeastern Pennsylvania are approximately 49% lower than they are in New Jersey.


All of our business parks offer fiber and several can provide redundant service if needed. Most parks offer fiber from at least three telecom companies.


Concerned about sewage capacity? No moratoriums here.  We have excess capacity at all of the sewer plants that serve our business parks.

Contact Us

Have we convinced you to expand in NEPA? Please call 570.823.1100 and ask for Bob Besecker, Jim Hilsher or Bill Jones.  They’ll answer all of your questions and help schedule a tour of our available properties.

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